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Blakeney sentenced to death

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Update: After nearly two hours of deliberation a Greene County jury returned with a unanimous death penalty sentence for Justin Blakeney. Blakney was charged with capital murder in the death of his girlfriends 2-year-old daughter, Victoria Viner.


Previous Update: A Greene County jury returned a verdict in just over an hour during a Jones County capital murder trial.

Justin Blakeney was found guilty of capital murder for the 2010 death of 2 year-old Victoria Viner. 

Judge Billy Joe Landrum polled each juror and all replied in agreement to the verdict they reached. 

The state and defense have finished opening statements regarding the sentencing phase of the trial. 

The state has chosen to let the jury use the verdict already reached and the testimony used, and the defense will now begin calling witnesses.


Previous Version: Judge Billy Joe Landrum gave the Justin Blakeney case to the jury to begin deliberation at 2:21 p.m.

Assistant District Attorney J Ronald Parrish took around 30 minutes to deliver closing remarks on the states behalf. 

Parrish went over details of photographs from the crime scene, and asked the members of the jury to "remember the photograph of that hallway." 

When singling out a photo logged into evidence, Parrish stated "you (the jury) look at that little babies brain, it didn't get that way by just falling on the carpet." 

The defense counsel took around 30 minutes to deliver closing remarks. 

With the defenses main point being the case has been "a rush to judgement." 

"The child just died that day, and they already closed the book on him, no one believes him (Blakeney)." 

The defense stated even though Blakeney wouldn't testify, you can't hold it against him. 

Parrish addresses the jury for one final rebuttal. 

Displaying photos during his remarks, Parrish pointed to a photo of Victoria and stated she is the silent witness in this case. 

"Help me never to want to win a case so bad, that I lose my soul," said Parrish. 

When describing the people in the left in the house where the alleged crime took place, Parrish stated. 

"People either commit suicide, die of natural causes, or someone helped it." 

Justin Blakeney is charged with capital murder for allegedly killing his girlfriends 2-year-old daughter Victoria Viner in 2010.