What's in a Name: Buckatunna

Buckatunna, MS - Just before you cross into Alabama, out of the Southeastern part of Wayne County, sits the place with a name that's just fun to say.

"I love Buckatunna," said Claude Risen, a lifelong resident.

With Highway 45 running straight through the heart of it, it's easy to just keep going. However, if you take a few turns off of the highway, you'll meet some folks like Risen.

"I'm from the old school," said Risen as he laughs.

Risen has lived in Buckatunna since birth on the very grounds he still lives. That was in 1929.

"I just was born to be in Buckatunna," said Risen.

To him, Buckatunna is more than just a green road sign on the highway.

"I just feel like I'm part of Buckatunna. I don't have any other place to go," said Risen.

Buckatunna came about in the early 1800's a mile or two south of it's current location. As it came to life, it took on the name of the creek that went through it, Buckatunna Creek. It's an old Choctaw word meaning a creek where there is weaving. It was the flood waters from that creek that eventually pushed Bukatunna a little further North.

"When I was a boy, Buckatunna was a real nice bustling place," said Risen.

A lot has changed since then but what hasn't is what folks who live here say is the draw of Buckatunna.

"A lot of people come in here and they move in and they don't know anything about the community and they wonder how and why the come here and then it won't be long until you can't run them off," said Clyde Revette who is another Buckatunna lifer.

"It's just the greatest place in the world to be," said Revette.

Risen agrees, making clear a sense a pride, not only for Bukatunna, but for the country. As a former marine, Risen is quick to point out in every major war, there was someone serving in it from the Bukatunna area, all because of a love for country and community that runs much deeper than the waters of that creek

"I was born here and I'll be buried here. As a matter of fact, my tombstone is waiting on me out there," said Risen.

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