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DeAngelo Williams duped by fake Marine? Says it doesn't matter


A photo posted by Carolina Panther running back DeAngelo Williams has gone viral for nearly two days, for two different reasons.

On Monday, he posted a photo of an older man wearing Marine dress blues at an airport, alongside a photo of his first class ticket.

DeAngelo wrote, "I always gives up my seat to military, if my seat is better!"

The Internet lit up with comments about DeAngelo's move with lots of good vibes. Then some people started noticing something off about the photo.

Many said there was something fishy with this particular Marine. No one wears their full uniform indoors, they said, and his medals were noticeably out of order.

Tuesday, another photo of the same man showed up on the "Guardian of Valor" website.

It appeared to be the same man, spotted in a different airport last week. At that time he was questioned about his messy medals. The man reportedly walked away.

DeAngelo talked to WBTV's Molly Grantham about the possible duping on Wednesday afternoon.

DeAngelo said he doesn't know if the guy is legit or not, but says he's not sure if that ultimately matters.

He says he gives up his first class seat to servicemen and women often and this won't keep him from doing it again.

He only posted the photo this one time because it was around July 4th and thought it'd be a cool way to publicly show appreciation for troops.

He says he wasn't expecting it to be this big of a deal.

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