Hattiesburg Clinic set for major expansion

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Hattiesburg Clinic is undergoing a major expansion that will include four new additions throughout the Hattiesburg area as well as a residential clinic.

The additions include a Support Services Building set to be finished by August 1, as well as a Pediatric Clinic, a Children's Clinic, and the Bellevue Facility that are all set to be finished by August 2015 or fall 2015.

The Support Services Building, a 49,754 sq. foot building being constructed on Arlington Loop, has finished construction on the building pending cosmetic and technological additions while concrete for the parking lot is currently being poured. The building will house 21 departments, each of which are relocating from areas in the main clinic and additional offices on 28th Avenue. Some of these relocating departments include Human Resources, Financial Services, Claims Review and Refunds among others.

The Pediatric Clinic, projected to finish construction on Veterans Memorial Drive in fall of 2015, will be just over 19,000 sq. feet and will house the clinic as well as its ten providers relocating from 1101 South 28th Avenue. Room is still available to add on for four or more providers.

The Children's Clinic has begun construction on Lincoln Road and is set to finish by August 2015. The 17,556 sq. foot facility will house the Children's Clinic and its eight providers, relocating from #5 Medical Boulevard. The facility will be built to house an additional provider and the ability to add on for four more providers.

The Bellevue Facility, a 39,853 sq. foot building set to be complete at Highways 589 and 98 by summer 2015, will house Lake Serene Clinic, Lake Serene Physical Therapy and Eye Associates which are relocating from various facilities on Highway 98 West in Hattiesburg. A total of 11 providers will be settling into the facility, eight for Lake Serene Clinic and Physical Therapy and three for Eye Associates. The facility has been built to house two additional providers while also including a 4,750 square foot area that may potentially house an Outpatient Surgery Center.

The residency program, thanks to a partnership between Hattiesburg Clinic and Forrest General Hospital, will be a family medicine residency program under the direction of Eric T. Hale, MD. The program will be located on the first floor of Hattiesburg Clinic's main facility where Eye Physicians & Surgeons currently is located. Construction of the Administrative Support facility will allow for space to clear on the second floor, which is where Eye Physicians & Surgeons will move to.