State obtains new evidence against Jones County man charged with capital murder

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - With less than a week left until Justin Blakeney's trial, the defendant's attorney has filed a motion for a continuance.

A motion hearing was held Tuesday for the Jones County man charged with capital murder for allegedly killing a 2-year-old girl in 2010.

Since Blakeney's first motion hearing  exactly three weeks ago, the state has obtained additional evidence against the defendant.

Prosecutor J. Ronald Parrish has received a copy of a recommendation letter by an inmate, who according to Parrish is also a high-ranked member of the Aryan Brotherhood. In the letter, Parrish said the inmate tells an outside member to allow Blakeney into the white supremacist gang since he [Blakeney] spilled the blood of a mixed race. According to the state, the letter was signed by Blakeney.

Also as evidence, the state has an interview Blakeney personally gave to a local newspaper last week, where he talks about the AB. According to a staff member, Blakeney wrote to the newspaper wanting an interview to clear his name.

According to statements given in court, there is also an audio recording the state has obtained that involves Blakeney and the inmate who wrote his recommendation letter.

With all the new evidence, the defendant's attorney asked Judge Billy Joe Landrum for additional time. Landrum denied that motion.

Justin Blakeney's trial will continue as planned beginning with a jury selection from Greene County Monday.