Governor Bryant comments on Hobby Lobby ruling

JACKSON, MS (WDAM) - This is a news release from the office of Governor Phil Bryant

JACKSON—"I am very pleased the Supreme Court moved to uphold religious freedom today in its opinion in the Hobby Lobby case. Its decision confirms my position that our state did the right thing in enacting a state-level Religious Freedom Restoration Act and protecting religious liberty for Mississippians.

"The federal RFRA requires the government to prove that substantially burdening religious freedom is necessary to achieve a truly compelling government interest. The Obama Administration had other options for implementing its policy, yet it chose to try and force individuals to violate their strongly held religious beliefs. This proves how out of line and self-important this administration is and how out of touch this president is with the basic principles of freedom on which this nation was founded.

"Thankfully, cooler heads have prevailed, and the Court ruled on the side of freedom and religious liberty.

"The Court's ruling also made clear that RFRA does not authorize unlawful discrimination. Mississippi's RFRA statute, which takes effect July 1, is nearly identical to the federal law, and I hope the Court's opinion proves to detractors of Mississippi's law that claims of discrimination are baseless."