Paramedic dies in crash 2 days after proposal to fiance

A Richton woman is devastated after losing her fiancé to an explosive crash in Greene County on Tuesday.

"He was the love of my life."

Kristian Broome sobbed as she recounted days spent with her beloved Dennis Rushing, NR-Medic for ASAP EMS, Greene County 2, Unit 80.

The couple met, and began dating less than a year ago; however, Broome says their companionship was special and rare.

Broome thought this chapter of life would be the best yet, but in an earth-shattering second, her world turned upside down. Rushing proposed on Sunday at her baby shower, two days before he died.

"He got there right after we opened presents and... He got on his knee and he asked me," Broome said.

"And I said yes."

Broome continued sobbing.

"We went out in public somewhere, he'd kiss me right there in public. He didn't care. He'd say you're mine and no one else's."

Dennis Rushing and another paramedic whose name is being withheld were killed when the ambulance truck collided with an 18-wheeler carrying a bulldozer. They were headed out for a call on Highway 63. The ambulance burst into flames. All that's left of Dennis for Kristian are a few pictures and a wedding ring.

Kristian is eight months pregnant. Although Rushing wasn't the biological father, Kristian says he was excited about the birth of the child, and ready to take on the role as "father" to baby Boston.