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MS Tea Party claims at least 800 illegal votes in Hinds Co. alone

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Mississippi Tea Party President says they've found evidence that nearly 800 voters crossed over in Tuesday's runoff election that should not have been allowed to vote Republican.

"We have some evidence that we are concerned about," explained president Laura Van Overschelde. "We're here to ensure the integrity of the electoral process. There's a great concern over a great many of the irregularities and enrolling of voters."

However, Hinds County GOP Chairman Pete Perry says there are some precincts where he knows workers marked the wrong column and corrected them the day of the election. He believes that could account for at least 200 of those being cited by the Tea Party.

"The poll workers marked the wrong column," said Perry. "We know there are errors that happened that day and the poll workers out there corrected it. And they're just trying to make up numbers to make it look a lot better than it is."

Members of McDaniel's campaign staff and some supporters began sorting through voter books on Thursday morning at the Hinds County courthouse.

They were looking for any "irregularities".

In Hinds County, poll workers used the Democratic primary books for the GOP runoff in an attempt to prevent crossover voters. 

"It's the easiest way for a poll worker to be able to look and see," explained Perry. "Instead of printing out a list that you've got to work from the list, when I look up your name I can look right there and tell if you voted in the Democratic primary."

However, the group from McDaniel's camp is still searching those records to try to find anyone who voted as a Democrat on June 3rd and with the GOP on the 24th (the runoff.)


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