Childers on general election: "Democrats will be back with me."

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - United States democratic senate candidate Travis Childers said he is confident the Democratic party will support him in November despite allegations of Democrats voting for incumbent Thad Cochran in Tuesday's runoff.

"I think in November, those democrats will be back with me," said Childers.

The Chris McDaniel campaign released a statement Wednesday afternoon that said votes would be analyzed to confirm "that our Republican primary was won by Republican voters."

"There is something a bit strange, there is something a bit unusual, about a Republican primary that is decided by liberal democrats," said McDaniel to a crowd of supporters Tuesday night.

The issue is that if this is his basis for a challenge, it won't stand, according to Mississippi code. Voters in the Magnolia State do not register by party, and it's a state with open primaries, which allows voters to cast a ballot on either side.

"I would like to know which part of that strategy today our state-wide officials endorsed," said McDaniel, referring to Cochran's endorsements by multiple elected officials in the state.

McDaniel trailed Cochran by nearly 7,000 votes in the runoff, and Childers said the obvious split within the Republican party has caused a state to become divided.

"I just believe I'm that person that can unite Mississippi," he said. "We can't move forward until we all get back together."

The Mississippi Republican Party has scheduled their election certification meeting for Wednesday, July 1.

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