Senate runoff voter turnout increases from primary

MOSELLE, MS (WDAM) - Just three weeks ago on June 3, Senator Thad Cochran was edged out by Chris McDaniel, but he had enough votes to keep McDaniel from getting a "W". On Tuesday, the polls closed at 7 p.m. and a little after 10 p.m. Cochran was declared winner of the primary runoff.

As far as results, McDaniel won all of the Pine Belt counties just like he did in the primary.

Voter numbers were up all throughout the state, voting actually increased by more than 20% from the primary to the runoff.

In Hinds County at least 7,000 additional residents went to the polls and voted for Cochran. Cochran went from 10,928 votes in the primary to 17,949 votes in the runoff. Although he was declared winner, there were several counties in Mississippi that switched their support from Cochran to McDaniel.

In the runoff, McDaniel won five additional counties. Cochran won one additional county and that was Jackson. Overall Cochran won the runoff with at least 6,000 more votes than McDaniel.

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