Southern Miss basketball skills camp all about fun

Getting to know your fan base is one of the most important things a first-year coach can do.

Along with the help of a few players, Southern Miss men's hoops head man, Doc Sadler, is doing a great job of that with the youngest Golden Eagles supporters.

"We want the kids to have fun. I think camp should be for fun and if every kid comes out here and has a great time then it's been a successful camp," Sadler said.

"We got a little camp going on for the younger kids right now. In the other gym we have the older kids," Former Southern Miss guard, Jerrold Brooks, said.

Campers as young as five through rising high school seniors, were on the Southern Miss campus meeting new people and learning more about basketball.

"We also want them to learn a little bit of basketball each day and then the third thing we always try to do is make sure they meet a new friend," Sadler said at Reed Green Coliseum.

Coach Sadler added that having his team assist the campers is beneficial for everyone involved.

"We have all our players working. They get a chance to be around these kids. Just a few years ago when they were out there."

"The kids can relate to them. I think it's good for the campers to have the players here, but at the same time, I think it's also good for our players to be out there with these kids."
Brooks shared that "at the end of the day these [are] fans. They come to watch us all year round and just to play around with them, eat lunch with them, it's all fun."

Sadler finished with one final thought.

"It gives them a chance to see that we're just regular people like they are."

"With a little bit of hard work, maybe someday they can be playing for the Golden Eagles."

The skills camp lasts until Thursday.