Jones County Sheriff's Department execute warrants to shut down illegal night clubs in Hebron

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The Jones County Sheriff Department executed two search warrants in the Hebron Community on Sunday, June 22, 2014.  The purpose of the search warrants was to shut down the operation of two illegal night clubs in the community.

Concerned citizens have complained about loud noises, shootings, illegal narcotics activity, drunk drivers, selling of alcohol to minors, fighting and heavy vehicle traffic as a result of these night clubs.

Jones County Deputies have been conducting numerous safety checkpoints during the past few months to help deter the illegal activity; however, due to the amount of people going to the clubs and multiple roads leading into and out of the area, deputies could put a stop to the traffic.  The clubs attracted people from surrounding counties each Sunday Night.  A car with Alabama license plates was seen at one of the clubs.  The occupants were very disappointed they drove all that way for nothing.

Jr.'s Pool Hall (Norman's Place) was the first location visited by Sheriff's Office Deputies.  Approximately 50 patrons were in and around the establishment when the search warrant was executed.  Deputies located a large amount of beer, liquor and wine along with marijuana and cash in the building.  Willie Oliver – 39 year old B/M of Oil Road in Taylorsville was seen throwing a bag that contained marijuana and cash and is being charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.  Several misdemeanor possession of marijuana arrests was also made.  Deputies confiscated 34 bottles of liquor, 139 bottles of beer, multiple bags of marijuana and cocaine and a sizeable amount of cash.

Arrested at Jr.'s Pool Hall were Norman Whitlock, Jr., Bianca Fairley, Sylvester Crosby, Felicia Barnes, Tiara Barnes, Michael Barnes and Willie Oliver.  Whitlock, Fairley, Crosby, Felicia Barnes, Tiara Barnes, Michael Barnes were charged with misdemeanor charges.  Willie Oliver was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and bond was set at $10,000.00.

The second location visited by the Sheriff's Department was "Dunks".  No one was on scene at the time of the search warrant; however, 57 bottles of liquor and 160 bottles of beer were confiscated.  Inside this location, deputies found an elaborate sound system and lighting system.

The Jones County Sheriff's Department understands that these two clubs have been operating for a number of years and is doing everything it can to deter the illegal activity resulting from these clubs.