Hattiesburg's youth benefits from 'Fore Kids' golf tournament

The 'Fore Kids' golf tournament, sponsored by The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club of Hattiesburg, is in it's seventh year and fourth at Canebrake Country Club.

The competition is fierce, but it's all done for a good cause.

"We just try to get the word out with the Boys and Girls Club and with The Salvation Army, that we're out there. We're working everyday," Major Andy Gilliam, Salvation Army Commanding Officer, said.

Boys and Girls Club Member, Kearra Duffy, said there is plenty for kids to do when they're out of school.

"We do like a million activities and stuff that's fun."

Boys and Girls Club members, Daniel Cohen and Eric Palmer, paid attention to the fact that there was a lot of support at the course.

"Seems really cool knowing that this [many] people care about us and they care about the organization and they care about the Boys and Girls Club."

Palmer added "it's great that they're helping."

Cohen took notice of the finer points of golf.

"When you hit the ball hard, it looks cool when it goes flying straight on the [fairway]."

Gilliam spoke of the more important lesson of the day.

"Learning a sport is not the most important thing, it's learning about life."

"Just learning how to cope with the stresses of life. Different things that may be throw their way and golf has certainly got it stresses," Gilliam said with a laugh.

"It's a great sport and the kids have a real good time with it."