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Your Week in Viral Videos: Helping a handicapped friend in need

Fast food items don't really live up to the pictures in their ads, but you can get pretty good results by asking them to remake it. (Source: MediocreFilms/YouTube) Fast food items don't really live up to the pictures in their ads, but you can get pretty good results by asking them to remake it. (Source: MediocreFilms/YouTube)

(RNN) – You're no doubt aware the World Cup is going on right now. It's the biggest thing in the soccer world and only happens every four years, so soccer fans go out of their way to not miss anything.

They also go out of their way to help their friends who are both blind and deaf understand what is happening. This video is of Brazil's first game of the tournament, a 3-1 win over Croatia. For an explanation of what's happening we turn to Raycom digital producer and former YWVV proprietor George Jones. He is proficient in American Sign Language and shared the following assessment in an email:

"The process is called tactile signing (tactile means to perceive with your hands). Deaf/blind people learn to follow the movements of an interpreter's hands and figure out what that person is saying. The man in front is describing game action. The woman behind is providing support info like game situation, reactions of the crowd, possibly even the music in the opening ceremony. Some deaf people can ‘listen' to music through vibrations, and some can detect extremely high or extremely low pitches, so describing the music would not be unusual. Tactile signing is extremely tiring mentally and physically, so if they did this for an entire match, that's impressive."

Impressive indeed. The video is a little long and detailed, but worth watching all the way through. The highlight comes at the 10-minute mark when Brazil scores a goal and chaos ensues, including having a vuvuzela blown into the deaf man's back. The eight-minute mark for Brazil's own goal is also worth watching because it gives a good glimpse at how difficult the communication can be.

Owl be back?

If you need to rid your living space of an owl, you can do a lot worse than using a Swiffer Sweeper.

Our hero, Colton Wright, overcomes a feathery infiltration through a triumph of the human spirit and the apparent cluelessness of avian invaders.

This is the rare time where there's no reason to complain to about the video being vertical. He does a truly masterful job keeping the owl in frame throughout the video, especially considering the terrifying ordeal he is going through. If you like this, the "prequel" to it is even better because it helps you better understand the steely resolve in our hero to face whatever challenge living in the wilderness throws at him.

Look at the owl's eyes. That is the stuff of nightmares. (WARNING: Celebratory profanity.)

Picture imperfect

The old adage that you get what you pay for isn't really true of fast food. The pictures the companies use to promote their food and the food itself aren't quite the same thing. However, as this enterprising young lad discovers, they will correct that issue if you ask them to.

The surprising thing is it only takes them one try (assuming he was nice and didn't include their failures) and that one of the franchises he visits got it right without being asked to remake his burger. However, that same franchise is also featured earlier in the video having produced a truly terrible creation.

Not surprising is the employees universally saying no one has ever approached them with a picture of their food expecting it to actually look like that.

B-Willy Got Back

Last week, Sir Mix-A-Lot got some ladies to exhibit their posteriors to the tune of his only song. (Seriously, did he make any other songs?)

Well now rapping Brian Williams is on the big booty bandwagon. This recurring segment is the best thing Jimmy Fallon has ever created. If you just listen to the audio, it sounds like Williams is actually singing the song – that's how good the editing is.

You will come for the rapping Brian Williams, but you will stay for the Kathie Lee Gifford cameo.

Animal of the Week

This is Duffy. Duffy used to be blind, but he had surgery to correct his vision. He seems to be happy about it.

Bonus goat video

OK, since goat videos are now officially A ThingTM, this is a new as-needed feature exclusively for goat videos whenever there is one worth sharing. The goats are getting in the way of featuring puppies, and that is not acceptable.

This baby goat is not happy with a fly going up its nose.

More stuff for when you're bored

Forget about those hoity-toity British dudes in their fancy chauffeured cars. Grey Poupon has gone rogue with a new ad that got banned because normal everyday folks were a little too cavalier with telling us what they Poupon. A partnership with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, however, did not come to fruition.

Why are there so many ducks? Where are they going? Where was this video shot? If you understand the language being spoken, feel free to share those answers with the rest of us. You probably saw this somewhere and wondered what the heck it was. Well, it's basically just a sea of ducks. It's the a-duck-alypse.

Some idiot thought skydiving wasn't stupid enough and another idiot thought land-based MMA was too devoid of parachutes, so the two were combined. WHY?! Why were the two combined? This is not a good idea.

Take a guy in a suit made of Mentos and drop him into a dunk tank full of Diet Coke and … yeah … you know what happens (or do you, because this Vine has terrible execution).

This video is last for a reason: this lady's song might put you to sleep. It sure worked for the elephant she sings to.

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