Lumberton Mayor clears confusion about Rolloff Recycling, LLC

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Lumberton Mayor Ben Winston announced Tuesday night at Lumberton's City Council meeting that a new solid waste processing facility will not be located inside of city limits.

Several Lumberton residents heatedly questioned Winston at the meeting about a public notice posted in the city library about building plans for a waste facility in Lamar County.

Although the land for the new facility has a Lumberton address, Winston wants to make it clear that it will not be located within Lumberton city limits.

Alderman Tommy Dukes said he is for the facility despite residents being upset about the lack of communication and potential risk of loss in property values.

"Lumberton is at the bottom looking up," Duke said, "We need things to create jobs."

The Rolloff Recycling Center, LLC processing facility is owned by Fred Martin, a Purvis businessman.

Martin purchased 10 acres off Yawn School Road in Lamar County from the Bank of New Orleans.

Martin said the business is set to move from Purvis to Lumberton due to complaints about the noise and dust in Purvis.

The public notice and the permit for the facility have two different addresses: one at 380 Yawn School Road and the other on 489 Yawn School Road.

Martin said he could not clarify the actual address at this time.