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Turning up the heat for the summer of 2014


It is just after two o'clock on a Wednesday afternoon and we have already hit 90 degrees across much of the Upstate. This is the third consecutive day that we have seen temperatures hit at least 90 degrees at GSP airport and are forecasted to continue seeing 90+ degree days through the weekend as well.

Nicole and I were chatting this morning about how many days we have already seen so far this year reach 90 degrees. The count is currently at 11 when you include this afternoon! We continued to dig a little bit deeper and compare these conditions with previous years.

On average, GSP Airport records about 41 days of 90+ degree weather a year. The most in a single year being 88 days while the least sits at 4 days. So it is interesting to note that every year since record keeping began in 1884, we have seen at least 4 90 degree days in Greenville, SC.

The earliest we have ever recorded a 90 degree day during a single year was on March 23rd in 1907. This year's first 90 degree day was on May 5th. Since then we have seen 11 days reach 90 degrees or greater with more expected to come. This time last year, we only saw 2 days reach 90 degrees or higher.

In total, the year 2013 saw just 13 90+ degree days, putting it well below the average of 41. At our current pace, we will likely top last year's total in the next few days! We will likely see quite a few consecutive days reaching the 90s as well. Last year only saw 4 consecutive 90 degree days, another number that will likely be surpassed by this weekend.

All this and it is still only June! The latest in the year a 90 degree day was ever recorded was on October 9th in 2007.

These unseasonably hot temperatures come right before the official start of summer which is June 21st, 2014. If this current week is any indication on what we can expect for the upcoming summer season, we may be in for a scorcher of a summer.

Time to make sure the Air Conditioner works! We will likely need it this summer.

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