State senators address Forrest-Lamar County Republican Women

State senators Joey Fillingane and John Polk addressed the Forrest-Lamar County Republican Women Tuesday in Oak Grove. They spoke about the state budget and the achievements that have been made in the last year, particularly in education.
"It's always good to come home and just really talk to our voters and see what they're feeling, what questions they have that we might need to address in future legislation," said Senator Fillingane.
Afterward the floor was opened for a brief question and answer period.
Regarding the upcoming runoff election, both state senators said they are endorsing incumbent candidate Thad Cochran.
"No doubt about it, two good men," said Senator Polk. "But currently, I am a believer that Mississippi, being the small state it is, needs desperately to have that seniority in there. So I think Senator Cochran is the person to be able to bring that seniority."
The runoff election is Tuesday, June 24th.