3rd annual Jason Campbell/Pine Belt FCA football camp a success

In it's third year of existence, the Jason Campbell/Pine Belt FCA football camp can be described as nothing less than a success.

"No one does anything alone. I know my name is on the camp, but I consider it a community camp just because of the simple fact that I have a lot of help," Campbell said at the JCJC campus.

"Mr. Mitch Williams, I can say he does an outstanding job of getting all the sponsorships and putting everything together and then you've got Justin [Graves] here at Jones, FCA director, he's doing an outstanding job."

Coaches like Matt Caldwell of Taylorsville, were on hand to help campers learn the finer points of the game and practice technique.

"You appreciate helping out Jason. He's a great guy and when you call coaches to come volunteer and come work this, none of them hesitate."

"They jump right on it because they know what type of person Jason is and the things he gives back to the community and you can see by the turnout, it's a real good camp."  
Former NFL wide receiver and Southern Miss alum Todd Pinkson, was in attendance as well to offer guidance.

"It's all about friendship, the friendship bond that we have, but it's all about the time that we put back in the community. It's one of the ways to give back."

"We don't have to do this for money. [We're] doing this all about the kids."  

Columbia's Jamarcus Everett says he learned a lot at the camp to go along with a lasting message.

"My favorite part was the drills because I actually got to get one-on-one with the coaches and actually participate and just have fun."

"[Jason's] message was very deep. He just basically told us to keep pushing and fight on and through God, you can do anything."