USM tuition to rise as utility and insurance costs increase

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - As utility and insurance costs rise, so does the cost of tuition at the University of Southern Mississippi. Douglas Vinzant, Vice President of Finance and Administration, said it will cost about a million dollars.

The increase comes from USM's electricity provider, Mississippi Power. The company raise their rates for a new energy facility in Kemper County.

USM received $1.57million in state appropriations this year, but that will be going straight into the$10.54 million in utility costs for the upcoming fiscal year.

The $1.57 million is small compared to Ole Miss, who received a $6.6 million, and MSU who received $5.6 million increase.

"We're beginning to do a lot of things that we probably should've been doing a long time ago," said Vinzant."We just have to become more intentional and more effective in our recruitment and retention of students. That leads to good things for the state. Ya know if you have more students graduating, that means you have more college educated people in the workforce."

The tuition hike at USM will be $236 more per year than year's past.

Tuition at Southern Miss will now be $6980 per year.