WDAM staff pledges to go green by recycling

EASTABUCHIE, MS (WDAM) - As WDAM viewers, you count on us to inform you of breaking news in your community, to be the window to world events, and to alert you to the weather around. We do all of this through advanced technology.

However, there is one thing, perhaps, the very opposite of high tech that our directors, producers, reporters and anchors depend on more: paper.

WDAM's General Manager Joe Sciortino along with the rest of the WDAM staff pledged to go green.

With the help of Michael Walley, an Enviro Inc. representative, WDAM will start recycling to save the ecosystem one bin at a time.

Walley will take all of WDAM's paper bins to Ellisville, shred it, bail it into a 1200 pound d bail, and take it to a paper mill where it will be regenerated into new paper.

WDAM realizes it is going to be an effort, but with the help of Walley and a dedicated staff, we pledge to save a couple of pine trees every other week.