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Rescue groups help Coffee Co. animal shelter


It was once one of the worse kill shelters in the state, but things are changing for the better; more dogs are living and making it into loving homes. Rescue groups are playing a big part with the turn around.

A group of dogs rescued from a home in Coffee County will live to see another day.

"The ones were able to save all go on to live great lives up north with families who appreciate them," Founder and President of Love Linked Dogs Andrea Ahlijah said.

Ahlijah is determined to save as many dogs as she can.

"People here just throw animals on the side of the road like garbage," Ahlijah said.

Ahlijah said she couldn't just sit by and let more dogs be killed at Coffee County Animal Control.

"Dogs die constantly there, when you bring your dog the chances of it being adopted or rescued is pretty slim," she said.

It used to be a high kill shelter; animal control officers were putting down 20 dogs a week, now they tell us it's down to only four to five a month.

"They will call us before a kill and say hey we need you guys to come and pull dogs, get as many as you can so we don't have to kill," Ahlijah said. "They're letting us get more hands on with the dogs."

Ahlijah said the shelter wouldn't be as overcrowded and fewer dogs will have to be killed, if owners would do their part.

"There are a lot of people who do not spay, neuter, or vaccinate their dogs, and that's overcrowd our shelter," Ahlijah said.

"Rescue groups are doing a great job of getting dogs out of here, so they won't have to be killed," said Coffee County Animal Control director Kevin Brown. "Folks need to have their dogs spayed and neutered to help control the population.

If rescue groups like Love Linked Dogs, had not rescued these dogs last week they would have ended up at an animal pound where a five day hold would have been placed on them.

If no one adopted them more than likely they would have been euthanized this week.

"If they had gone to shelter they would have taken the place of the eleven dogs there and eleven dogs would have died," Ahlijah said.

Back in December a puppy froze to death at the shelter.

Rescue groups were able to get dog beds donated.

Some are concerned they are stacked in a kennel that could be used to house a dog, and not being used right now.

The animal control director said with the higher temperatures, the bare concrete floors in the kennel are much cooler for the dogs. He said they will be used again during the winter months.

If you would like to adopt a dog you can call the Coffee County Animal Control at (931) 723-2730 or The City of Manchester Animal Shelter at (931) 723-7211.

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