Southern Miss baseball hosts Summer Kid's Camp

Scott Berry (right) speaks to a group of campers.
Scott Berry (right) speaks to a group of campers.

To go along with a couple life lessons, kids from around the Pinebelt have been learning the basics from the Golden Eagles baseball team.

"The main thing is have fun and second of all we're teaching the fundamentals and trying to get them the right foundation to build on," Southern Miss head coach Scott Berry said at the end of the camp.

"The earlier you can build on that, the more chance you have for success later on."

Brennon McNair, 11, said he learned what it takes to be successful in the batters box.

"You want to keep your head down, stay flat and just hit it hard and don't think about any of the stuff that will make you mess up."

"Don't think about hitting a home run or anything like that."

Golden Eagle players like pitcher Sean Buchholz were on hand to help out Southern Miss coaches and had a great time in the process.

"Definitely feels very rewarding, especially seeing the smiles on their face and you can just see how much fun they're having. That's what I care about, just having fun with these kids."

"There's some sluggers out here, especially with the 11-year-old group. I probably gave up about five home runs today," Buccholz said with a laugh.

Berry added that "it gives us a great opportunity with our players and our coaches to get in there with community service and build those community relations."

A second camp is available July 14-17 at a cost of $165.