Petal Mayor Hal Marx urges residents to install back-flow preventers

If you live in The City of Petal, you more than likely received a letter in the mail from Mayor Hal Marx stating that you need to purchase a back-flow preventer to keep sewer water from overflowing at your home.

The letter does not apply to everyone; just a few, according to Larry Carraway, Petal's public works director.

He wants Petal residents to know that if you're experiencing sewer issues, you should call a plumber to install a back-flow preventer in your sewer pipes. If you're not experiencing sewer issues, the letter doesn't apply to you.

"We can help them with plumbers. They're licensed in the City of Petal that know the codes and if they have any questions they can also refer to our ordinances," Carraway said.

Back-flow preventers can be purchased at hardware stores. If you are uncertain about whether your home is at risk, or if you have questions, call the Petal Water Department at 601-544-6981.