Wiggins implements new animal ordinance

WIGGINS, MS (WDAM) - The Wiggins Board of Aldermen have passed a new animal ordinance that regulates the treatment of domestic animals inside the city limits.

For the past several months Animal Control Officer Melanie Roe has working on making changes to the outdated ordinance. One of the key components to the ordinance would not allow for a dog to be tethered at a fixed point. Instead the dog must be tethered to a running trolley system for no longer than four-hours at a time.

"I have worked several cases where dogs were put on chains and left with no shelter," said Roe. "I had a couple of animals that had to be put down because of their injuries from the chains. "

There are many other components to the new ordinance to include leaving animals unattended in a motor vehicle, not having sufficient food, water, and shelter, and new rules governing the treatment of vicious dogs.

"Before we had animals that were running around attacking people and other animals. Now if your animal gets out and bites someone then you are going to be held responsible for it. A citation will be issued and the dog will be seized."

For information regarding the new ordinance contact the Wiggins Police Department.

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