Man, state trooper escape death after 3-vehicle crash

Wreckage, sadness and shock.

That describes the scene in Beaumont on Friday. A highway patrolman pulled over on Highway 98 East to divert traffic from a broken down 18 wheeler. The trooper placed caution cones on the highway, then retreated to his vehicle.

A black Honda Accord could be seen from the distance, and it didn't slow down. It sideswiped the trooper vehicle, flipped, then lodged underneath the 18 wheeler, leaving behind a bloody mess.

First responders tell 7 on your Side the state trooper is recovering, and the man driving the Honda is in critical condition.

But that's not the full story.

Thomas Rosario works for Bill's Towing Company in Perry County. He was in the truck's undercarriage making repairs when he saw a black flash of metal pursuing him at a high rate of speed.

"That car collided with the highway trooper and I looked up and I seen him rolling at me and I closed my eyes," Rosario said.

His wife saw it unfold.

"The first thing I thought was that my husband is under that truck and he isn't going to make it," said Ashton Rosario.

But he did make it.

"I was overseas for a year, and watching a car come at me is scarier than getting shot at or blown up," Rosario said.

His wife, Ashton, was standing where the Honda Accord struck the 18-wheeler moments before it happened.

"The Good Lord came to me and told me to move. When I got in the service truck, that's when it happened."

Mississippi Highway Patrol's Brent Barfield told Seven on your Side he is unsure about why the Honda did not slow down before crashing into two vehicles. The incident is under investigation.