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FEMA and SBA remind storm victims about chance for aid

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The to-do list post-disaster can be more than most can handle. That's why officials are reminding storm victims time is running out to get some assistance.

"When you think about it, we do this all the time," said FEMA Media Relation's Director Kurt Pickering. "But the disaster survivor does it once or twice in a lifetime. And it's a really, you've just gone through a disaster, your house is destroyed, you have a lot on your mind. And you have to do some paperwork. We want you to do the paperwork so we can help you."

FEMA and the Small Business administration have a partnership. They're concerned that folks may be throwing away a lifeline

"I don't want anyone to be mislead by the words small business in there," explained SBA's Mary Gipson. "We make loans to homeowners, renters, businesses of all sizes."

Here's the kicker, homeowners could lose out on some FEMA aid if they don't fill out the SBA loan application. The housing help isn't what in danger.

"If somebody is getting what we call other needs assistance which is things like medical, maybe a destroyed car," Pickering described. "Those type of things that don't have to do with housing, those are the grant monies you're not going to have access to."

The SBA has to turn you down before you can get that other FEMA money. If you're approved, there's nothing that forces you to use it.

"As of today, we have $9.1 million in approved loans for the disaster in Mississippi," Gipson said.

But FEMA believes there are more folks eligible for the assistance that haven't signed up. The deadline to apply is June 30th.

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