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Gov. McCrory signs Senate fracking bill into law

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RALEIGH, N.C. - Gov. Pat McCrory signed a bill to allow fracking in North Carolina on Wednesday, saying “North Carolina has been sitting on the sidelines for this business for too long.”

 McCrory said fracking has been studied for five to 10 years and the process “has not been rushed.”

That comment was a reference to concerns among Democrats in the General Assembly, who said the bill was rammed through the House and Senate without enough debate and overall study.

The 28-page fracking bill is Senate bill 786, called the Energy Modernization Act, which had some minor revisions in the House before being approved by both chambers.

McCrory has pushed to get the state involved in new ways to create energy and has long been a proponent of fracking. Fracking is short for hydraulic fracturing, a process that involves pumping natural gas out of the ground. Critics say the process involves putting chemicals into the ground that could have long-term consequences on the state’s drinking water.

Fracking is expected to be focused on a few counties like Moore, Lee and parts of Orange.

“We’re going to do test well exploration to find out what resources we actually have,” McCrory said.

Proponents of fracking like McCrory say it will bring jobs to North Carolina, but Democrats have argued that the impact when it comes to job creation will be negligible.

McCrory also said the state will soon be doing seismic testing off the coast to find out what resources are below the ocean.

McCrory, at the fracking bill signing at N.C. State University Wednesday morning, was heckled by a woman in the background, who said the bill “should have been vetoed.”

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