Saenger sign returns to Hattiesburg with facelift

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The sign at the Historic Saenger Theater in downtown Hattiesburg was put back up Tuesday morning after being gone nearly a month for refurbishing.

The sign has been in Laurel at Headrick Signs getting the makeover. The work involved sandblasting and painting of the sign. New L-E-D lights were installed which will save energy and on the cost of operating the sign. The lights will also last longer which means the difficult task of replacing the bulbs will have to be done less often.

"When it's not there we realize what it does for the theater," said Rick Taylor, Executive Director, Hattiesburg Convention Commission. "We turn the sign on whenever we have an event. The lights cycle around the sign drawing attention to the event. It is really our namesake, our logo, not only here in Hattiesburg but anywhere there is a Saenger Theater."

The cost of the project was around $13,000.

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