Palin in the Pine Belt

Challenger Chris McDaniel to longtime GOP Senator Thad Cochran gets a boost.

Love her or hate her, former United States Vice Presidential nominee made an appearance at the Jones County Junior College campus to help Chris McDaniel's U.S. Senate campaign.

With four days left until the June 3 primary, the famed political voice of Sarah Palin announced her support for Chris McDaniel in front of dozens of supporters on Friday.

"Chris is running with a servant's heart," Palin said, addressing the large crowd.

She also denounced negativity surrounding McDaniel's campaign for U.S. Senator.

"The eyes of America are on you and what will happen on June 3," she told the audience.

Palin drew a parallel between her home state of Alaska and South Missisippi.

"I've heard other redneck jokes, too! Ya, know... I'm from Alaska... A proud redneck. I'm a proud, bitter clinger to my God, my guns and my constitution," Palin said.

When Palin stepped offstage, McDaniel addressed the crowd.

"But the first Republican Senator to cross that aisle once again and support the democrats against our wishes was none other than Senator Thad Cochran from Mississippi," McDaniel said.

When the campaign rally ended, 7 on your Side received a statement from Palin just as she stepped onto the McDaniel bus.

"Chris McDaniel is the right one to usher in that positive change that America needs, so it's an honor get to be here with good Mississippi residents to help show some support for a good guy," she said.

According to an independent poll released by Harper polling, as of May 27-28, challenger Thad Cochran leads McDaniel by five percent, and 15 percent are undecided. Another famed politician voicing support for McDaniel is 2012 GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum.