Memorial Day at Paul B.

Swimming, splashing around, and spending time on the water. That's what's been going on at Paul B. Johnson State Park in celebrating of Memorial Day. Members of Macedonia Baptist Church in Petal celebrated by cooking out and spending time with fellow church members. One teen says today is special to her in more ways than one.

"We're celebrating Memorial Day, since it's my dad's first Memorial Day home from Afghanistan," Halana Byrd said.

"And the whole church group, like, his whole church class got together, and other kids, and now we're celebrating it."

Halana's dad returned from Afghanistan in July of last year. He gave his daughter a bear hug for our cameras during the cookout, but declined to interview.

Halana was joined by friends, and they want to encourage teens in the area to check out their youth group at Macedonia Baptist.

"I would definitely tell them to come join our youth group," Samantha Burkeen said.

"Because we're just like a family, we do everything together, we have days where we go out and just do fun stuff together and we make everyone feel welcome."

Only a short walk from where everyone was barbecuing, kids cooled off at the splash pad, and bigger kids cooled off at the lake.

According to Paul B. Johnson State Park employee Jennie Bond, the 300-acre Geiger Lake was originally dug by German POWs in the 1940s., which is what makes spending the day at Paul B. on Memorial Day especially unique.