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Parents question why 2 teachers won't return to Raleigh school

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A group of parents are demanding answers after two well-liked teachers did not have their contracts renewed at Casa Esperanza Montessori School in Raleigh.

"Both these teachers are long-time teachers," said Sherie Samstag-Bryan. "They've got great records. They've got great records they've been some of the most popular teachers in school."

A small but passionate group of parents protested Friday in front of the school, asking why two teachers won't be coming back next year. Parents say they have no idea why the board did not renew the teachers' contracts.

"They are some of the best teachers in the school, and we are trying to get the administration to change what they've done," said parent Wayland Phillips.

Shery Lecz taught at the school for seven years, and Tara Stanford had been teaching there for at least 3 years.

"Are these boards really allowed in charter schools to have absolutely no transparency at all to the parents?" asked Samstag-Bryan. "One of the reasons we all chose charter is because we thought we would have a more involved parent base with the school."

The head of school said she can't discuss the reasons behind the decision.

"It's a personnel matter," said Diana Bush, the head of school at Casa Esperanza Montessori. "We can't discuss the non-renewal of contracts. But we understand their passion and love for their teachers, but we also have to think about all the Casa students as well as the community."

Bush said the board makes the decision to renew a teacher's contract based partly on her recommendation.

Not all parents, meanwhile, support the protest.

"I think the more appropriate venue to discuss this situation is at an administrative level in a meeting situation," said parent Angela Tschop.

But some parents said this is their best option.

"If there was a reason that they could let us know, that would make a difference," Phillips said.

The parents say they plan to put together a petition to get the teachers their jobs back.

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