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KSLA News 12 Editorial: May 22nd-E-cigs Viewer Feedback

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Viewer feedback today to my editorial on electronic cigarettes, otherwise known as E-cigs.  

I said it's past time for the Food and Drug Administration to take a close look at what's in these things.
Some viewers disagree. 

Susan says: "We do know what is in the E-cigarettes. Some have a tiny amount of nicotine and some have no nicotine at all. And they are harmless! How many stories are you going to make up now about the perils of E-cigarettes like you did second hand smoke?"

Amber writes: "It is incredulous that everything that is new on the market is scrutinized by the health 'nuts'. I quit smoking after 30 years and only with the E-cigs."

And there was this comment: "I think they should not be available to minors and that people need to know what is in them."

As always, thank you for your comments.  
I'm James Smith.