Lamar County students attend LifeFlight demonstration

Imagine going to the scene of a fatal car wreck, or some other tragic disaster, almost every day. That's the career of LifeFlight employees, and Lamar County students spent the day learning how to avoid being carried one day, by a Life Flight helicopter.

"The typical day, I'll take a preflight in the morning, then make sure everything's squared away with the aircraft-- that's when we get ready to go then we wait for a call."

That's Marcus Eubanks' daily mantra.

"We'll drop what we're doing, we get airborne, in less than ten minutes and we're en route to the call," Eubanks added.

LifeFlight employees are usually first on the scene of horrific car accidents, train wrecks, natural disasters, and more.

When Baptist Life Flight first responders are not busy saving lives, they're educating local students about avoiding injury or death.

"Anything that you do to take your mind away from driving, as in your peripheral vision, you don't know what's going on around you, it could kill you."

That's one of many sentiments from Monday's demonstration.

The first responders at Monday's event told real-life stories about what they've seen on the field and in the air.

"So we're actually on our way to the call, before we even know what we're going to. It could be a six month old," said R.N. David Lee.

According to, LifeFlight significantly reduces the transport time of critically ill patients, providing a greater chance of recovery.

LifeFlight is based out of Hattiesburg.