What's in a Name: Big Level

Big Level, MS - Even on a stormy morning in Stone County, the Big Level Grocery is a pretty active place.

"The Big Level store has been here for years," said Jean Williams, who use to own the store.

It's a one stop shop, from food and hardware, to gas and bill payments.

"It's kind of the hub of the community. We keep up with who's doing what and who shouldn't be doing what," said Charles Bright, who lives in Big Level.

Bright moved to Big Level 30 years ago. Both he and Jean say they couldn't be happier living in a place where skis are wide open, news travels fast and conversations are endless.

"I'd really say it's the best place to live and raise a family," said Williams

"I think it's one of those spots that's been blessed," said Bright.

Big Level is a small community just southeast of Wiggins with a good bit of history, all you have to do is ask. Big Level actually gets its name because of the land.

"Big level is like a big plateau," said Bright.

After large areas of timber were cleared off in the 1800s and farmers took over, the terrain, for the most part, was all level.

"It just got to be a common word and somehow or another it went to the store and that's where it got it's name, as far as I know," said Bright.

You've got to love the people of Big Level too. They're always willing to lend a helping hand, never missing a beat.

"You got a mosquito right there," Williams says as she slaps away a mosquito.

Outside of it's name, Bright and Williams both say it's that spirit of pride making this place more than your average community

"These folks out here, they're very colorful, they're straight up honest. If your hair is messed up, they're going to tell you 'son you look like hell, you need a haircut,'" said Bright.

"It's just home to me and it's home to a lot of people," said Williams.

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