Drug Court softball match

Drug court participantsfrom the 15th and 12th District Drug Court took to the field to celebrateNational Drug Court Month and the court model's 25th anniversary.

The two districts' participants spent the dayat Vernon Dahmer Park taking part in a fun and friendly match of softball tosee which district would come out on top. Officials stated that drug court has provensubstantially more effective than prison in steering drug offenders away fromcrime for good.

“It’s good for us to gettogether and have a way of having fun, we do have a rigorous schedule that wekeep, the accountability that we provide for the participants to keep themclean, and it’s good to let your hair down and have fun and let them know thereare sober ways to do that and you can have fun,” said Crystal Browning, 15thDistrict Drug Court Coordinator.

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Today more than 2,840 drug courts are inoperation throughout the country. More than 142,000 drug offenders are treatedeach year nationally, and is believed to have saved 1.3 million lives andbillions of tax dollars.