Sumrall man arrested, charged with embezzling $436,000 from roofing company

SUMRALL, MS (WDAM) - Franklin Dale Creel, 49, of Sumrall has been arrested and charged with embezzlement following what police call years of fraudulent activity.

Detective Richard Pack with the Columbia Police Department said, "The allegation has been made that over the last seven years he has embezzled over $436,000."

Creel was a long-time employee of Rowell Roofing Company in Columbia. His role in the payroll department is where the alleged accounting irregularities were found.

"He has been working there as an employee for the last 15 years. Right at 15 years. He is an accountant there. He handles all there accounting business and payroll," Pack said.

According to police, Creel had been on vacation and another accountant found the discrepancies in Rowell Roofing's accounts while doing payroll. That's when the owner reported the embezzlement to police.

Pack said, "Presented his evidence to me which was sufficient enough to have an affidavit signed and issue a warrant for his arrest."

Creel was taken into custody by police Friday morning as he returned from vacation.

"He return to work at Rowell Roofing on Industrial Park Road. Myself along with the chief and several other officers went to that location. When he came into the drive way we made a traffic stop on him and took him into custody," Pack said.

Creel has been booked into the Marion-Walthall Correctional Facility. Bond for Creel was set by Judge Gwen Groom.

Pack said, "As it stands now his official charge is going to be embezzlement and he has a $25,000 bond."

Creel is expected to make his initial court appearance before Judge Broom sometime Monday.

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