Mississippi Governors Day to be held in Columbia

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - Organizers of Mississippi Governor's Day announced Thursday that the event will be held in Columbia next May.

Members of the Governor's Day Committee visited the Lion's Club of Columbia Thursday to announce the move.

Mississippi Governor's Day has been held in Lexington, MS, for the last two years, but the committee has decided to have the event travel to different towns annually.

The program brings together all of the living Mississippi Governors as well as the descendants of former Governors. A spring festival will accompany the event.

Nancy Barrett with the MS Governor's Day Committee said, "We have decided to move it to Columbia next year which is the home of two time Governor Hugh White. Also, Columbia is one of our earlier state capitals before Jackson, and so that is historically significant."

The program is expected to bring in people from all over the state, and will be held in Natchez the following year.