Road Trip with Rachel: The Mississippi Children's Museum

If you're wondering what the highest point in Mississippi looks like, or what it feels like to sift around the sand for sea shells, the Mississippi Children's Museum is the place to go. The museum came to life because of a simple idea.

"One lady, Betty Todd, really wanted the children of Mississippi to have access to an inspirational place, where they can learn and they can play and they can be safe," said Elaina Jackson, Director of Development MS Children's Museum.

In 2005, the Junior League of Jackson took on the museum as a signature project. Elaina Jackson said the Junior League is the mothership that helped Todd's idea come to life.

"We're really trying to let this be a resource to our state, to have an impact on children and families across the state," said Mary Purvis, President-Elect of the Junior League of Jackson.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors attend the museum each year.

"And that's evidence that our city, our state was ready for something like this. Mississippi usually gets a bad wrap. We're usually are at the bottom of good lists. We want to educate people about our famous legends in Mississippi. Our musical legends, our literary legends," Jackson said.

Art, music legends, history and magic become reality as soon as you walk through the doors. Children can play and explore anything in each exhibit, and every back story of museum exhibits tie right back to The State of Mississippi.