Mississippi Marijuana: Part II

MOSELLE, MS (WDAM) - "I wouldn't vote to legalize it, I don't think it would be a good idea to legalize it," said House Representative, District 108 Mark Formby. 

The view on the legalization of marijuana varies in Mississippi.

Although Formby said no to marijuana, he did vote for House Bill 1231, which allows the use of cannabis oil for medical treatment.

"Having a son that I have seen in full grand mal epileptic, not breathing seizures, it was just hard for me to slam that door on someone else that wanted to try it and might benefit from it," said Formby. 

Formby's six-year-old son Eli has a disorder which causes his brain to short circuit in a number of places, which causes him to have seizures.

"Pre-surgery he was having, up until the surgery, he was having about one hundred and fifty to two hundred drop seizures a day," said Formby's wife, Eli's mother Rita Formby. 

This past week, Eli had at least one seizure a day.

"During the seizure there's no air movement, but it usually lasts maybe up to thirty seconds," said Rita Formby. 

While many parents pushed to have House Bill 1231 legalized to help reduce their child's seizures, one can't help but wonder if representative Formby would consider cannabis oil for his own son.

"The answer is no," said Formby.

"Personally it's not something that I want to do for Eli at this point," said Rita Formby.

"However, if the doctors that treat him were to decide that he might benefit, then I would reconsider that," said Formby. 

In the meantime, Formby said the state will control the bill, control the use and study the effects of cannabis oil.

"We'll watch it for a year and see what it does and hopefully it'll be beneficial to some child," said Formby. 

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