Laurel’s Good Samaritan Center starting food pantry

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - The Good Samaritan Center in Laurel is asking for the public's help with their new addition.

Aside from their soup kitchen and their clothing closet, the center is now adding a food pantry. The Good Samaritan is hoping to open the pantry by the end of June to help those residents who need groceries. In order to begin helping, the center is asking for donations to build up the pantry. 

"It's to help the community, there's a lot of folks that their money just don't go as far as everybody needs it to go and they can spend it on medicine, or light bill, or whatever and then still have groceries to eat on," said Good Samaritan N.U.T.S Manager Beverly Odom. "Any kind of stabled goods, anything canned, anything like that, toilet paper, washing powder, you know any good items nothing that has to be refrigerated."

Any food donations can be dropped off at the soup kitchen which is located in Laurel on Ellisville Boulevard.

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