Breaking the cycle: View from the inside

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Recidivism is a major problem facing our nation. The word describes a phenomenon that is all too common and refers to a released inmate's rearrest and reincarceration. National statistics revealed that 67 percent of those released will be back behind bars within three years.

Inmates that fall into this category described it as a revolving door. "It becomes a revolving door and once you get caught in it, it's hard to stay out of this place," said Adam Bond, an inmate at the Jones County Jail. He and his wife, Teresa, were arrested five years ago on drug charges. He was released since then but upon returning to the same environment where drugs were easy to come by, he fell back into the same pattern. Before he knew it, Bond was back in jail.

"It's hard," said Bond. "To have your wife sitting 20 or 30 feet from you everyday and you can't say, 'Hey, I love you.'"

Teresa faces the same struggles and is plagued with the thought of missing her family's milestones. Hopefully, this serves as motivation to get out and stay out.

"My daughter graduates college next month and I won't be there," said Teresa. "My grandson will be born in June and I won't be there."

Both Adam and Teresa swear that once they're released they will not make the same mistakes again. They plan to surround themselves with positive influences and stay far away from drugs.

"I've made up my mind this time and I'm not doing this anymore," promised Adam. His wife agreed.

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