Forrest County Extension Service celebrates 100 years

This is a news release from the Forrest County Extension Service

To celebrate 100 years of the Extension Service in Mississippi, the Forrest County Extension will receive a proclamation from the Forrest County Board of Supervisors. The proclamation was presented Monday at Paul B. Johnson, Jr. Chancery Building.

"The Mississippi State University Extension Service is committed to providing research-based learning opportunities designed to help Mississippians solve problems, develop skills and build a better future," said Gary Jackson, director of the MSU Extension Service. "Along with our many state and local partners, we look forward to celebrating our past accomplishments while maintaining a focus on the bright future ahead."

The Smith-Lever Act, signed on May 8, 1914, established the Cooperative Extension Service, the nationwide education system operating through land-grant universities in partnership with federal, state and local governments.