Covington County residents still in need of assistance from tornado damage

COVINGTON COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Covington County residents are sill in need of assistance after they suffered damage in last month's tornado.

"As the people of this community and other communities, we did not get assistance. We are tax payers and some of the people are elderly and they can't afford to rebuild or start over," said Paulette Michael, a Covington County resident.

Michael said her life has been a total nightmare since the tornado ripped through her community on Byrdtwon road. She also said she is angry she has received no assistance to repair her home.

"They offered us tarps and water and house supplies. Ok what are we going to do with house supplies, we don't have no home," said Michael.

Other residents who asked to not be on camera shared the same feelings.

"They asked us did we have people we could live with, was it somebody you could call to help you.  We called you.  You was supposed to help out," said an anonymous source.

Our reporters made a phone call to the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency PUblic Information Officer Greg Flyn, and he said the area didn't rise to the level for Federal Disaster Declaration. He also said they can apply for loans with the small business association.

"Most of us that went to the the sba to fill out for the loan.  they asked me two questions. Where I live and how much I make and they disqualified me.  They told me that I had to make 29,300 dollars.  Ok..I don't make that kind of money.  So what was the purpose of that.  Small Business Association Loan for low income people, that's a lie.." said the source.

The source also said that although no lives were lost during the storm, the physical and emotional damage they have endured have been more than they can handle.

"How can you put a price on our losses.  W work hard for that and you going to tell us oh everything we got is totaled but yet and still our loss wasn't great enough for the government or federal government to step in and help us and I think that is totally unfair," said the source.