Marion County drug sweep targets more than 50 offenders

MARION COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Officers with the Marion County NarcoticsTask Force spent Friday night and Saturday serving felony arrest warrantsthroughout Marion County.

Task force officers began Fridaynight with a list of more than 50 alleged drug offenders to be picked up on a countywide sweep. Officers began by serving high risk felony arrest warrants andindictments in the Kokomo community of Marion County.

“During these search warrants we arrested fourindividuals for possession of controlled substances; during these searchwarrants we seized a good amount of crack cocaine, marijuana, spice, which is syntheticmarijuana, also some ecstasy,” said Narcotics Task Force Commander BradMcDermit. “At one location we seized six firearms, and approximately twothousand dollars in cash,” said McDermit.

The 50 plus allegedoffenders the task force hopes to apprehend over the weekend are all linked to drugrelated felony charges from Marion County and the city of Columbia.

“Like everywhere else inthe state and country drugs are a continuing problem, in Marion county, we tryto serve as many warrants as we can, make as many cases as we can to keep it knockedback as much as possible, said McDermit.

According to officials,the task force attempts to do several drug sweeps a year just to keep the drugdealers on their toes in the county.

“For the past couple ofyears prescription drugs have been our biggest problem, but here recently wehave seen a spike in spice which is a synthetic marijuana,” said McDermit.

Officials plan to continuetheir work until they have all the people on their list in custody.

“It’s important to keep apresence for drug enforcement in the county, otherwise the drugs will just takeover,” said McDermit.

All of the suspectsarrested over the weekend will have their initial appearance on Monday.