Wayne County tornado damage affects many

WAYNE COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Wayne County residents are still coming to terms with what happened Monday night as severe storms swept through the area.

Residents in Wayne County still can't believe the damage caused by what the National Weather Service is considering to be a tornado in their preliminary reports.

"Like.....I just feel bad because my little girl......she always saying we can fix it, she asked me one day for some glue.....like......I can't," said Wayne County resident Raven Rhods.

Pleasant Grove community resident Raven Rhods' home was picked up and thrown from its foundation during the storm. "My little boy was in the house asleep, so by the time I made it over here and got them out of the house and made it to my grandma's house, it just....just took it," said Rhods.

Several homes in the Holly Bush community were also damaged.

"I walked through the living room, about the time I got to the front door, everything just came crashing down, and about that time my oldest son, he got to hollering mama mama mama and I just got up and the door had fell in and come back and hit me on the leg," said resident Stephanie Young.

Young says she still can't believe she was able to get out alive.

"We were literally on the ground when I got them and we just walked up, like I say, I don't see how we did it," said Young.

Another home in the community was not damaged by fallen trees, but had a section of its roof torn off by strong winds.

"It's so heart breaking because my husband passed bout two and a half years ago, June 10th makes three years and he made all this for us and its heart breaking, it hurts so bad to you know, I ain't got no help to try to get it back right like it was," said resident Sherry Everett.

"The whole house got to shaking, ohhh I got so nervous and scared, I got on my knees and went in to that room right there and just got to praying till everything was over with," said Everett.

Several homes in the county were affected by the storm, these homes along with others were being assessed throughout the day by crews from the National Weather Service.

"It looks like right here is where the track of the tornado went through, and it will probably be an EF-1 tornado, EF-1 damage tornado here, which would be winds of 110mph, but still our survey is incomplete, we still have a lot of area to cover," said National Weather Service Senior Meteorologist John Purdy.

For now residents are working together and thankful no one was seriously hurt.