Joe's Viewpoint: WDAM MS Falls Short On Texting Legislation

Back in February the Mississippi state legislature was ready to pass a law prohibiting texting while driving, or so we thought. The House passed a bill affecting drivers eighteen and under while the Senate passed a bill which considered texting while driving "careless driving". The bill then moved to a conference committee but by the time the legislature came out of session no law had emerged. So today, while 43 other states have anti-texting legislation, Mississippi remains in the minority. I must point out that we do have legislation prohibiting bus drivers and those with learner's permits form texting. However, it appears that in large part we are left to do our own reconnaissance. I must admit that the temptation to go for my smartphone at almost every red-light has proved to be overwhelming at times. So please continue to remind your family and friends to wait to text, email, tweet, post, instagram or whatever they come up with next until they are safe at their destination.

This is today's viewpoint.