Spring plants cause allergy woes for Pine Belt citizens

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Spring can be a colorful season, but it is often the colorful plants and trees that cause people to suffer.

"With the moving to spring it's quite natural to have those allergies related to the pollens. They're going to see a rise in the typical symptoms of allergies, the runny nose, the excess tearing, the itching, hives in some people. So seasonal allergies are on the rise," said Forrest Health Physician Charles Griffith.

Seasonal allergies and allergens combined can plague people all year long.

"And then of course people are deciding to do a little spring cleaning. They say the animal dander, dust mites, things like that. They'll see a rise too. We see a lot, a lot of folks come in with it," said Griffith.

According to Griffith, a good place to start when combating allergies is by taking certain medications.

"We start simply with some antihistamines, sometimes some nasal spray, steroid nasal spray."

Griffith said when these measures don't work, a trip to the allergist could help.

"If they're severely allergic, let's say they're not responding to the pills and the steroid spray, I'll send them to an allergist or an ENT. And they'll actually provide specific testing and they'll come back and say, 'this is what you're allergic to and this is what we recommend.'" said Griffith. "It's so that we can avoid those things or we can actually use allergy shots."

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