Lamar County adds new K-9 Units

The Lamar County Sheriff'sDepartment recently added two Belgian Malinois to their force bringing theirtotal number of k-9 units to six.

A variety of donorspitched in to cover the cost of the k-9 officers.

Along with being man’sbest friend, the dogs are considered as dual-purpose. They are trained intracking, narcotics detection and handler protection. The k-9s have even provenvaluable in keeping contraband out of jails along with helping locate missingpeople.

“These dogs areinvaluable, we had one, an apprehension the other day with a career criminalthat had two handguns at the time of his arrest. The k-9 went in and made the apprehensionthat could have potentially saved the officers life,” said Lamar County SheriffDanny Rigel.

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - With the addition of the recent canines, eachof the department's patrols will include a k-9 unit. Rigel added that somesheriffs offices have placed less emphasis on their k-9 units, however to LamarCounty, they are worth their weight in gold.

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