Oak Grove students quiz Gene Taylor on social, political issues

"Do you support the funding cuts to the IRS?"

"What has to happen in Congress for accountability?"

"How do you think Mississippi will be affected with Obama raising minimum wage?"

Jerri Whitecotton's history class arrived to school fully prepared on Tuesday morning, ready to ask Congressional Candidate Gene Taylor a range of questions.

"I heard a great question on stem-cell research from a young person who struck me as being pro-life, but also saw some potential for that, and "'is there a way we can do it without killing embryos?"'

The young man who raised the question to Taylor is Paul Lee, a senior interested in studying pre-med at The University of Mississippi.

"He actually explained to us his view rather than telling us yes or no and how he can change it," Lee said.

The discussion of gay marriage was also a hot topic in Tuesday's discussion.

"As a congressman, I voted to define that's a bond between a man and a woman," Taylor said.

Seven on Your Side also asked him about his thoughts on Yemen. According to a report published by the New York Times, American drones and Yemeni counterterrorism forces killed more than three dozen militants linked to al Qaeda's affiliate in Yemen over the weekend. A handful of those killed were innocent civilians.

"I do know that, hopefully, that is being done just to target terrorists around the world. It probably, I would say, it's safe to say it has saved some lives. It has certainly saved some American lives, so it's easier than sending troops in some of those places," Taylor said.

He added that drone strikes are a slippery slope, and that the U.S. needs to be very careful when going down that road. He also talked about one major issue the State of Mississippi faces, and that's the economy. He said if he makes it to D.C. after the primary on June 3, he hopes to help boost Mississippi's economy. Issues discussed also ranged from war, to NASA re-authorization, to raising the minimum wage rates in Mississippi.