Petal Community Easter Celebration


Churches from around the Petalarea gathered today for the Community Easter Celebration.

Guests from over 18different church congregations filled the Petal Performing Arts Center tocelebrate the true meaning of Easter with song and praise while listening toscripture reading from several local pastors.

The event, which stemmedfrom a group of pastors who have continued to meet over the years put theirheads together and came up with the idea of a community celebration. 

 “An event like this is important in acommunity like ours because in our culture, so many of our holidays have losttheir sacred meaning,” said Carterville Baptist Church Associate Pastor, BenSkipper. “Easter and Christmas are two primary examples, so I think theopportunity for the church to gather tonight for worship helps us remember thattonight we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and not just about eggsand bunnies,” said Skipper.

Several pastors involved in the celebration encouragedparticipants to attend their Easter Sunday worship service.

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